Created by Carolin Peinecke

Welcome to Movendo – our Speed Dating

As the business grows, it needs new characters, more brains and more perspectives. So we are also faced with the question of how we can acquire new colleagues. One of our ideas is speed dating.

It's a nice growing pain when you need ideas to find great new colleagues as quickly and accurately as possible, but it is one. Especially in our business, the question arises: who fits our style, who can offer projects as quickly as possible in the Movendo style and who complements us with his competence and personality ? Yes, there are always people who make speculative applications. There are great people, with exciting qualifications, experience, sparkling statements and perfect self-expression. But how do you get to know them all? Anyway, as it is, we don’t have enough time to sit down together to share.

The classic job interview only helps us a little bit. 
And it’s hard to put our work into words anyway - you simply have to experience it. We have always been confronted with these questions in the past whenever we wanted to expand our network of great personalities. It was important to us:

  • We want to get to know the person.
  • People should get to know us - as people and the particular Movendo style
  • We don’t just want to talk - we want to experience and try out.
  • And actually we have no time.

Then we had the idea to organize a speed dating. But where should the participants come from? A few applications were available but not enough. Who should know best who suits us if not our colleagues? So we quickly put out a call to our community: who would like to invite someone to our speed dating?

At the beginning of 2018, our first speed dating took place, with eight Movendo colleagues and 8 interested consultants and trainers. 
After a brief introduction session carried out in the Movendo style, we discussed and worked on various topics such as: How do we envision our cooperation? What experience and learning characterize us as people? At the close, there was an "Ask us anything” session, in which all those interested in us bombarded us with questions. The meeting was rounded off by feedback on the day. Afterwards, we at Movendo were able quickly and concretely to exchange our impressions using the great feedback poker method.

PS: Six of the eight interested people are working together with us today and with a lot of fun to be had on both sides!